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Congrats to 2023 Sustainability Champ Maddy Hunt!

Thursday, April 27, 2023 - 10:30am
Environmental Studies student

Environmental Studies major Maddy Hunt has dedicated herself to expanding the adoption of natural building techniques. She teaches the ENST 123 Natural Building course, where she has been leading students in developing the Reclamation Station. A section of the grounds of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, the Station collects and provides the community reusable building materials. It features a retaining wall made of rammed earth and tires, and a shed with a demonstration hempcrete wall. Hunt is also competing in the Sunstone CSU Startup Launch Competition, working with an Indigenous housing initiative and natural homebuilders to bring hempcrete building technology to Humboldt County as a way to address housing and fire safety challenges with a carbon-negative building material.

Read the full article here: https://now.humboldt.edu/news/meet-our-sustainability-champs

Maddy Hunt




The department will be under construction for awhile, as we use the opportunity to revisit our mission and identity. Until then, the current curriculum remains the same. One big change is that the Environment and Community MA program is now located within the ENST Department, and affiliated faculty of the two programs are now merged. Stay tuned for more updates.

Words from our Alumni

After finishing the Environmental Studies program, I moved to Portland, Oregon to intern at Metro, a regional government and metropolitan planning organization. I am working on the GIS and cartographic applications of the Regional Transportation Plan, one which focuses on improving aspects of safety, reliability and accessibility of transportation in the Portland Metropolitan region. One of my passions is using cartography to work towards a healthy and just world, and by having Metro focus on providing equal access to safe and sustainable transportation utilizes and excites my passion. The Environmental Studies program provided me with the knowledge on aspects of environmental inequality and the passion to continue working towards a world I would like to see.

Paige Williams, 2016

Everyday I really am thinking about my impact on the environment and the people. ... The passion and energy [ENST faculty] put into my education was not wasted a bit. I absorbed every drop and will be passing it along. ... I don't know what I will be doing in the distant future, but I will be doing it for the planet and the people before I will ever do it for mine or someone else's selfishness.

Trevor Mahaffey, Class of 2015