Peer Mentor Program

ENST RAMP Mentor/Advising Team

What is RAMP?

The Retention thru Academic Mentoring Program includes two mentoring programs, First Year and Major Based Peer Mentoring (FY-RAMP and MBPM-RAMP). Both programs hire and train outstanding student leaders who share spaces with peers and facilitate interactions which support the students’ ongoing work towards successful navigation of the university.

MBPM-RAMP is a program offering students (primarily, but not exclusively, “middle year” students-sophomores, juniors and new transfer students) the opportunity to connect with student leaders in their shared major. The MBPM-RAMP mentors are dedicated to supporting students as they develop a sense of belonging in their department. Mentors make this happen by facilitating 1:1 meetings, partnering with faculty and staff to deliver community-building events, offering their experience and support in navigating specific expectations of the program, and promoting/reminding students about upcoming department deadlines and processes.

Your MBPM-RAMP Mentor

Grace Clapper

Your Advising Team